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1-3 April 2023


Egomio Cultural Centre


Reduced from €500
Reservation by 50% deposit

Sancti Fusion Massage Seminar

Sancti Fusion is a system that connects the Eastern and Western approach to massage therapy. It focuses on both the muscular and lymphatic system, as well as the underlying energetic apparatus of the body.

By approaching the body in this holistic manner, great physical health benefits can be achieved as well as a deep inner sense of calmness.

Conceived and developed for over 20 years, it offers a well rounded and complete system for aspiring and professional therapists.

Who can participate

What will the benefits of participating be

About the facilitator

Demetris has a Masters degree in Human Kinesiology and Rehabilitation which offers a great anatomical and biomechanical background in relation to the human body. Parallel to that he has been a meditation practitioner for the last 20 years which allows a whole different perspective on that same body.

Fusing these two opposite perspectives, a spherical and holistic massage system was created and is now being offered for learning.