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Indulge your nearest and dearest with a gift card for massage treatments at our studio.

Our team of elite professionals will make sure they have a truly unique experience with the treatment of their choice. With appointments from 10am – 7pm it is the perfect fail-safe gift for anyone who needs to be spoiled.

The gift card can be redeemed on any treatment of their choice, whether they want a relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage or a deeply healing Craniosacral Session.



Our gift cards start at €25 and can be used for the service you have chosen, or for a price equivalent treatment. Simply send us a message through text or WhatsApp with your choice.


We will send you a link by which you will be able to complete your payment online. As soon as payment is received, we will send your digital gift card with a unique coupon code to your email address. Alternatively, you can pick up the voucher directly from us here at Sancti Studio.


The recipient will be able to make their booking on our website, app, or through one of our team using their unique code. The perfect last-minute gift for anyone who loves to be pampered

Frequently asked questions

Of course. We offer physical therapies and can treat and rehabilitate any type of musculoskeletal injury or dysfunction.

Definitely. Back and neck pains are 90% of our injury cases here at the Studio. We have extensive record of great results working with chronic and acute pain.

Surgery is a trauma for the body, that can take many months to fully heal. We are here to support and facilitate this process and have all the tools to achieve that goal.

It depends on your needs. Relaxing massage is gentler to the body while deep tissue will solve those knots that cause discomfort in your body. Sancti Fusion is intuitive and will offer deep relaxation along with a sense of lightness as it also works on the body’s energy system.

We found that Craniosacral therapy can provide deep relief from stress and trauma and guide you to a very safe space inside of you. Leading you to a deep, rejuvenating and healing state of sleep.

Please have in mind that chronic issues, like injuries, require consistency, dedication and effort from your part, in order for effects to be visible.