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Diseases of worry and irritation



Andreas Georgiades

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I was inspired to dwell on this subject due to the Pandemic that we are currently facing. Here is an esoteric view on the subject of Worry and Irritation, which energetically is what is most prevalent in the population at the period.

Why are the difficulties of the astral body so “perilous” and so serious? Worry and Irritation are dangerous because:

1. They lower the vitality of the human being to such a point that he becomes susceptible to disease.
The scourge of influenza has its roots in fear and worry, and once the world settles down to freedom
from the present “fearful” condition, we shall see the disease die out.

2. They are so highly infectious from the astral point of view that they lower in a peculiar manner the astral atmosphere, and thus make it hard for people – in the astral sense – to breathe freely.

3. Because the astral conditions of fear, worry and irritation are so widespread today that they might be regarded as epidemic, in a planetary sense.

4. Because irritation (I speak not here of worry) is inflammatory in its effects – and inflammation is hard to bear – and leads to much difficulty. It is interesting to note that certain forms of eye trouble are caused by this.

5. Because worry and irritation prevent true vision. They shut out the view. The human being who is the victim of these conditions sees nothing but the cause of his complaints and is so submerged through self-pity, self-consideration, or in a focused negative condition, that his vision is narrowed and his group hindered. Remember that there is group selfishness as well as individual selfishness.

The source of this article is found on the book Esoteric Healing, which as a therapist is my bible.

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